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"Uniting Kadazandusun entrepreneurs & professionals for the economic benefits and interests of the Kadazandusun people."

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  • Advocacy

    To conduct advocacy activities on policy, legislation and programmes that is favorable to the enhancement of the participation of Kadazandusun in commerce and industry. The KCCI will also act as a spokesperson for the Kadazandusun business community on matter of interest to them.

  • Facilitator

    To facilitate networking among businessmen for mutual support, encouragement and mutual growth.

  • Catalyst

    To catalyze changes in attitude and mentality towards positive thinking of commercial and industrial participation through the dissemination of information and to conduct of public meetings.

  • R&D and Advisory Services

    To assist in undertaking of research and development for the purposes of advisory services to members of the Chamber. To conduct research on legislation and policy analysis for advocacy purposed.


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  • Our Vision

    To contribute towards the achievement of Vision 2020 especially to face the strategic challenges of Vision 2020 which is the establishment of Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community (BCIC).

  • Our Mission

    To enhance the participation of the Kadazandusun in commerce and industry through advocacy, networking, information dissemination, mutual support and joint venture co-operation with other entrepreneurs and businessmen.

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